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Do you think this is a coffin?

Edit: Zhengda Casket Factory    Date: Sep 09, 2017

Death is a sad thing, but some businesses to seize the opportunity to open up the mind, to design a variety of modeling varied variety of coffins Bo eyeball

1.jpgThe picture shows a woman in the experience of the coffin sofa, it is learned that the coffin very popular, priced at $ 3,500.

2.jpgLondon, England, a carpenter sculpture master created by the fish-shaped coffin has become a work of art


Nottinghamshire, England, a company known for making strange coffins to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

---- in order to meet people want to be in the last journey of life had their own style,

The company can make the coffin in a variety of ways according to the needs of the customer, including Rolls Royce, the pirate ship. The picture shows the company's pepper-style coffin

4.jpgNottinghamshire, England, an artillery coffin exhibited at the 25th anniversary of the company, which is famous for making strange coffins.

6.jpgGuitar coffin.

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